Tips and Tricks for Providence WordCamp

How can you get the most out of Providence WordCamp? Here are suggestions from the experts:

“Bring your laptop and lots of questions!” Daniella Norwood, Organizer

“My favorite part is the Happiness Bar. It is a great opportunity to give and receive one-on-one help with anything WordPress related.” Luke Gedeon, Organizer

“All WordCamp sessions are taped and available to watch online, so you can also go back and watch it again to really understand any specific session. But if you don’t go, you don’t know what you are missing!” Rachel Avery Conley, Organizer

Favorite part of WordCamp? “The networking, making friends, and working with others. The sessions are pretty sweet too.” Jesse Friedman, Lead Organizer

“Having so many different types of people helps expand everyone’s perspective, which is pretty cool.” Kay Belardinelli, Organizer

“I’ve taught people at WordCamps who can barely turn on their laptop. …you will learn a lot regardless of what your experience is.” Chris Wiegman, Speaker

“Bring a notebook and lots of business cards.” Rachel Avery Conley, Organizer

“Get off your devices and listen. Unless you’re in a workshop or the speaker is asking everyone to do some interactive stuff, you won’t fully absorb what they’re trying to teach you unless you put things down.” Jeff Golenski, Speaker

WordCamp is an opportunity to meet locals who use WordPress and also meet some of the most active WordPress enthusiasts from around the world.” Luke Gedeon, Organizer

“My favorite part of WordCamp is meeting new people in the community.”  Daniella Norwood, Organizer

“Spend some time at the Happiness Bar (aka WordCamp Help Desk). The volunteers will help you with your WordPress questions.” Rachel Avery Conley, Organizer

“WordCamp is great because it caters to people who are at many different points of the web design technical spectrum.” Kay Belardinelli, Organizer

“In many cases it is the networking that is the most valuable aspect, especially when the camp attracts a number of out-of-town speakers and attendees you might not otherwise get to meet. Personally, even with considerable dev (website development) experience, I learn something, and meet someone new, at every WordCamp I attend.” Chris Wiegman, Speaker