Renee Hobbs

Jesse Friedman

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I’m a WordPress author (http://wdgwp.com/onamazon), developer, Professor (Johnson & Wales University) among other things.

D.K. Smith

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* WordPress security and development expert.

* Organizer of WordPress Brooklyn Meetup.

* SEO and conversion consultant since 2000.

WordPress Origin Story

I collect vinyl jazz albums. In early 2005 I read a blog post that said something about a website application named “Charles Mingus.” Clicked on the link, downloaded 1.2, and I’ve been a WordPress devotee ever since!

Stacey Mulcahy

Syed Balkhi

Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner and List25 an extremely popular entertainment site with over 1.2 million subscribers and 190 Million video views. Syed’s work has been featured in NYTimes, HuffingtonPost, Yahoo Small Business, Wired, Mashable, and countless other well-reputed online magazines.

Amanda Giles

Profile picture of Amanda GilesAmanda Giles is a WordPress developer who loves to help others succeed with WordPress. In addition to running her own consulting business, she also runs the Seacoast NH WordPress meetup which meets twice each month. She also has a passion for roller coasters, a propensity to sneeze loudly and often, and a bit of a prime number fetish. You can find out more or see a portfolio of work at www.amandagiles.com or you can follow her on Twitter.

Matt Medeiros

Matt Medeiros is the creator of ConductorPlugin.com which helps WordPress users build powerful sites without code. He is the founder of WPMentor.org, a website dedicated to helping WordPress people find mentorships. Matt hosts the popular podcast Matt Report, which aims to help new WordPress freelancers and agencies grow their business.

Rocco Tripaldi

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I build WordPress websites and apps for the Hotchkiss Consulting Group. My blog can be found at roccotripaldi.com

Derek Smart

Derek has worked with a vast array of clients as an independent freelance developer for over four years.  In January he met the bearded madmen of Parka, the company behind BruteProtect, at a WordPress Meetup in southern Maine. Just weeks later he found himself working with them on BruteProtect while also doing large-scale client work.  During this time, he has learned one thing above all:  Client work is not easy.  

Gary Thayer

Jonathan Desrosiers

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WordPress plugin developer, theme developer, solution developer, and enthusiast.
Some may say clinically insane, but I can’t see it.

Sam Hotchkiss

Sam was the creator of BruteProtect, a WordPress security plugin acquired by Automattic in August 2014. He now works on the Jetpack team at Automattic, with the goal of bringing killer features and functionality to WordPress blogs everywhere.

Sam travels with his wife, Becky (and, quite often, their dogs, Barkley, Izzy, and Stanley) to WordCamps around the world. He presents on topics ranging from security to building web apps to building and managing large blog networks.

John James Jacoby

BuddyPress, bbPress, BackPress; founder of Flox & Unpressable; friend to Automattic, 10up, & Puppies

Danny Santoro

Profile picture of DanielSantoroDanny is a Cincinnati born-and-raised tech fanatic with an interest in anything involving a circuit, switch, or explosion. Graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 2012 with a focus in movie production and web design, he has since been working freelance, coding websites, managing marketing campaigns, and focusing his efforts on improving customer experience and trying to improve the relationship between buyers and sellers.Currently, Danny works as the Community Ninja at WooThemes. There, he takes a Jack-of-all-Trades approach and gets to work with with support, marketing, and video teams to help streamline the process for users and increase customer satisfaction – be it renovating the forums, starting video campaigns, or just listening to what users have to say. This is his first WordCamp and his first time speaking on WooCommerce, but he’s excited to share how much fun it can be!Works for: http://woothemes.com
Personal site: http://danielsantoro.com
Twitter Machine: @Danny_Santoro

K.Adam White

K. Adam White is a JavaScript engineer at Bocoup, an Open Web technology company in Boston, Massachusetts, where he contributes to open-source projects, writes web applications, and evangelizes for the web as an open platform for technology and collaboration. An artist and enthusiast photographer, K.Adam is also a WordPress core contributor, a co-organizer of the Boston WordPress community, and the author of a Node.js client for the WordPrest REST API.

Chris Van Patten

As founder and creative director of Van Patten Media, Chris Van Patten has helped build websites for small businesses, tech news publications, Broadway performers, and many others. He’s also the founder of BlastOff (blastoffapp.com), a WordPress email marketing plugin. Chris regularly speaks at WordPress meetups and WordCamps (including Buffalo, Toronto, Boston, and Philly), writes at vanpattenmedia.com andchrisvanpatten.com, and podcasts at Not a Real Job (notarealjob.com).

Tom Shapiro

Tom Shapiro is Founder and CEO of Digital Marketing NOW, a strategy, design and marketing agency in Cambridge, MA. Services include WordPress website design & development, marketing strategy, branding, SEO, paid search, conversion optimization, PR and display advertising. Prior to Digital Marketing NOW, Tom was Director of Digital Strategy at iProspect, twice named the national “Leader” in Search by Forrester Research while Tom was at the company. Through the years, Tom has developed digital strategies for various market leaders, such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Kraft Foods and P&G. Tom’s insights on websites, UX and marketing have been published in CMO.com, CNN.com, iMedia Connection, MarketingProfs, MediaPost, Search Marketing Standard, Website Magazine and others.

Taylor Lovett

Taylor is the Director of Engineering at 10up. Having been involved
with WordPress since 2007, he has contributed to core, authored
popular plugins, spoken at many conferences in the United States and Canada, and most recently been a part of the WP API team. He is a lover of all things open-source. Other than developing web
applications, Taylor has a deep appreciation for music. He enjoys
listening to blues and jazz as well as playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

Cameron Barrett

Cameron (@camworld) has been blogging since you were in grade school (well, some of you). He pioneered the blog format in the late 1990s and remembers an eager, bright-eyed young man named Ma.tt being excited to meet one of the “founding fathers of blogging” in 2003. He’s since designed and built web sites for presidential candidates, the U.S. Army, the World Economic Forum, Teach for America and is now leading the migration of 70+ web sites from a terrifically-bad, proprietary SaaS to WordPress Multisite for New Jersey’s largest public school district. He hails from Northern Michigan and currently lives in Northern NJ with his family. He is leading the charge for embracing “WordPress in Schools” and his goal is to eventually have all 14,000+ public school districts in this country using WordPress in some way.

RC Lations

RC Lations (@rclations) is a WordPress Project Manager at Hall Internet Marketing in Portland, ME. He spends most of his days working with clients to turn wish lists into functional, elegant websites tuned for performance. In his spare time, he contributes to WordPress Core, Scaffolding.io, and has a few plugins in development.

Xiao Yu

After an existential crisis and a stint working as an apprentice brewer Xiao realized he rather enjoyed working with bits as long as there was a purpose. He now wrangles data and optimizes search at Automattic in hopes of making the internet a better & more democratic place. He still enjoys brewing beer and attempts to run up mountains in his spare time.

Clint Warren

Joe Casabona

Lydia Rogers

Lydia Rogers is a WordPress website consultant with a background in radio broadcasting.  She’s an Associated Press award winner who has worked in New York City, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island at commercial and National Public radio stations.  She is also an adjunct Professor in Mass Media: New and Traditional.

Aaron Ware

Ryan Kanner

Jeff Golenski

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    • New Bedford, Massachusetts

    • www.midnight-shift.net

    • Designer & Front-end Developer at Midnight Shift Studio, Astonish, Slocum Studio, Schwadesign


Multidisciplinary designer who codes. Leader designer & front-end dev at Parka, LLC – makers of BruteProtect. Past: @SlocumStudio, @Astonishresults & @Schwadesign. I Love the wilderness, photography, comedy & beeh.

Craig Ralston

I work as a developer for Web Solutions out of Meriden, CT. When I’m not building websites or plugins, you can usually find me on the WordPress.org forums, playing hockey, kickball, or hanging out with my daughter.

Joseph Herbrandson

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I love working with WordPress and developing new ways for my company and my clients to get more from our online efforts. Making plugins is something I do for fun and I love WordPress meetups and WordCamps.

WordPress Origin Story

In the summer of Twenty Eleven
My job was not going so well
My desk was no working man’s heaven
More closely it resembled hell

My sources of strife I shall spare you
Only these tidbits I’ll tell
My boss was a jerk and most of my work
Was done in straight HTML

For many long days I endured this
So that I could bring home enough cash
But it’s hard to do any site justice
When using Dreamweaver and Flash

But then the day came when I found
This free open source CMS
It soon turned my whole world around
The system that’s known as “WordPress”

I dove in and I learned about plugins
I learned all the outs and all the ins
And then knew what I wanted to be

I decided to start my own business
Told my boss that he could take a hike
Set out with just me and WP
To see what self employment was like

The burdens and hardships were many
As I journeyed down that long road
But I started to make a sweet penny
When I discovered I freaking love code!

So farewell to Frontpage and Adobe
I’m pleased with how my future looks
I’m paving the way to a much brighter day
With filters and actions and hooks

So don’t listen to all the naysayers
For I know what I have is the best
It has answered all of my prayers
Hello Dolly, goodbye to the rest

Andy Christian

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Chris Wiegman

Chris Wiegman
Chris Wiegman

Chris is the developer of iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) and has been working on WordPress security for over 5 years. Previously a captain for a small airline Chris’ interest in security began on his first day as an employed pilot, 9/11 and gradually evolved over the years to helping individuals and smaller organizations protect their websites from many of the common methods attackers use to compromise their victims. When not coding Chris loves to teach and has taught computer security for St. Edward’s University as well as other courses ranging from computers to aviation.

Chris will speak on “Securing WordPress the Right Way.”

Read his thoughts on Providence WordCamp.

Chris works for http://ithemes.com
Blogs at http://chriswiegman.com.

You can also find him at

September 26th & 27th, 2014