Are you interested in website security?

Chris Wiegman
Chris Wiegman

Providence WordCamp 2014 is excited that Developer Chris Wiegman is making the trip from Texas to Rhode Island to talk about WordPress website security.
Website security can seem like an overwhelming topic to many, but Chris is reassuring on that score.

  • What type of person should attend your session?

Chris – Anyone who is interested in improving the security of his or her WordPress site.

  • What previous knowledge, if any, should they have to attend your session?

Chris – They should know how to access their site via FTP/SSH and not be afraid to access files such as .htaccess and wp-config.php.

  • How much coding or web development will an attendee need to know to get something out of your talk?

Chris – Not much, I’ll provide everything they’ll need. They just can’t be afraid to access the files.

  • For WordCamp as a whole, what would you say to someone who says: “I’m afraid to go. I know nothing about websites and would be totally overwhelmed.”

Chris – I’ve taught people at WordCamps who can barely turn on their laptop. …you will learn a lot regardless of what your experience is.

  • On the flip side, what would you say to someone who says: “I know so much about websites and WordPress there’s nothing I could get out of WordCamp.”

Chris – Everyone can get something out of WordCamp. In many cases it is the networking that is the most valuable aspect, especially when the camp attracts a number of out-of-town speakers and attendees you might not otherwise get to meet. Personally, even with considerable dev (website development) experience, I learn something, and meet someone new, at every WordCamp I attend.

  • Why did you agree to speak at Providence WordCamp?

Chris – There are some pretty awesome people in that area and I would love to get to know more of them.

  • Any advice for a first-time WordCamp attendee?

Chris – Get involved and meet some people.

Chris Wiegman is a Web Developer for working on iThemes Security.

Learn more about Chris:
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Twitter – @ChrisWiegman
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Chris received his B.S. and M.S at Southern Illinois University and is an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at St. Edward’s University. He’s also co-organizer of the WordPress Austin Meetup and one of the organizers for WordCamp Austin.